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REE KEEN: Makeeni (2017)

Fresh from some recent electro-swinging with the likes of Groovy Joy & Sebastian Roser, the Beatnik City label gets straight back to what it does best – dope sixties-themed party breakbeat numbers. And it does so with the aid of a man who never needs any encouragement – Ree Keen. Well – it’s in his name isn’t it? Talking of names, this release goes by Makeeni – no – not the

REE KEEN: EP1 (2015)

EP1 Ree KeenFab Samperi’s Beatnik City label have had people falling over themselves to get in on the retro party breaks action but apparently there’re none so keen as Keen. Ree Keen to be precise, a man so busting to get stuff out there he’s got a four track EP all to himself. Calypso breaks? Check. Beatles big beat? Check. What about mod-jazz-breaks Pharrell and Gwen Stefani – can I have it like that?

BEATNIK CITY: The Beat Kicks Vol. 1 (2015)

The Beat Kicks Vol. 1 Beatnik CityRating: ★★★★★ Can the beat kick? The answer, judging by the contents of the Beatnik City label’s latest – The Beat Kicks Vol. 1, would seem to be an emphatic, ‘yes it can!’ This follow-up to The Rio District Vol. 1 switches the focus from party breaks edits of sixties Brazilian grooves to party breaks edits of any 50s or 60s gear that hasn’t been nailed firmly down. Expect to hear Jacques

BEATNIK CITY PRESENTS: The Rio District Vol. 1 (Power bossa, Samba & Brazil) (2014)

The Rio District Beatnik City Presents Vol. 1…with which new label Beatnik City embarks upon a mission to explore the world of sixties music via the medium of remixes and re-edits. Sounds promising. Volume 1, The Rio District, has a special focus on the sound of the world’s sexiest city from arguably the world’s most influential decade thus far in popular music. As a consequence, the label have called upon an expert

REE KEEN: Resense 035 (2013)

My appreciation of latin breaks continues unabated with this forthcoming 45 from Ree Keen on Agogo Records’ Resense imprint. The A-side is a classy little cumbia-based dancefloor heater La Pollera Colera which positively reeks of evenings in the sun, rum-based debauchery and a carnival atmosphere. The B-side, Mambacita, on the other hand is a mamba-based titty shaker in honour