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SOUL FLIP EDITS 6: I Can’t Get Next To You (WONDERLOVE Re-edit)/ Swim (WONDERLOVE Short edit)(Vinyl 7″)

SOUL FLIP EDITS 6:  I Can't Get Next To You (Wonderlove's Re-edit)/ Swim (Wonderlove's Short edit)(Vinyl 7Seeing the post title here, some of you might be thinking, ‘Er – but what happened to Soul Flip Edits 5? The last one I remember was Soul Flip Edits 4!’ And you’d be right. Don’t panic though. Turns out there’s been an issue at the pressing plant and in an endearingly analogue type of way, number 5 will now arrive out of sequence. In the meantime, what the Soul Flip crew

THE CONGOS: Fisherman (JOHN SE Re-edit) (2016) Free download

Fisherman John Se The CongosDid you always think that The Congos’ Fisherman – the opener off their Lee Scratch Perry-produced Heart Of The Congos LP – was a tiny bit slow and could have done with a more prominent beat? Yeah? Well, John Se has sorted you right out and in a way that won’t ruffle purists scales up the wrong way. This re-edit is ripe for djs to cast over the dancefloor and net the veteran Jamaican

FEATURECAST & THE GAFF: Ain’t Got Time (MANOSJMT re-edit) (2016) Free download

Ain't Got Time Manosjmt re-edit Featurecast GaffNormally either Featurecast or The Gaff would be enough for any man. Or woman. But punters got the double whammy last year when both producers teamed-up and used the wonders of production science to provide a Marvin n Stevie collab. that those two Motown stars never managed back in the day. Of course if you’re really hard to please, even this might not be enough for