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TOSSES: Tosses feat. RAYNA (2016)

Tosses feat RaynaIt seems MC Rayna‘s so busy these days with her band Antiplastic that there’s little time for the sort of sterling guest vox that have graced beats by the likes of Badboe, Skeewiff, Jiggyjoe, Sammy Senior, Tonic, and Tosses & Varvez. Luckily Ale Tosses of the latter has used all his wiles to get Rayna on two new cuts. What to call the LP though? I know – Tosses feat. Rayna! Doo Wop is

THE MONADES: Shake Me (feat. RAYNA)/ Not To Tonight (feat. DARIYA) (2015)

Shake Me Not Tonight The MonadesIt’s saucy soul-breaks double action time shortly as The Monades (a.k.a. Renegades Of Jazz and Herma Puma no less) get their slink on with the aid of a pair of vocalists known to MB readers i.e. Rayna and Dariya. Both ladies take a turn at revealing how lovers make them feel but it seems the ever reliable Rayna is the willing yin, to Dariya’s aloof yang. For while the former seeks a

SKEEWIFF: Skeewiff in Brazil (2014)

In Brazil SkeewiffRating: ★★★★★ It seems someone’s been wiggling down the Copacabana in a tanga thong gathering inspiration for Skeewiff In Brazil. Skeewiff in Brazil? Oh what – bossa breakin? Samba stylin? A bit of drum n Bebel? Some ghetto Gilberto? Yep – that sort of thing. That and more in fact. No actual appearances from Astrid Gilberto (or Bebel come to that) at least not that I’m aware – but lots of

JIGGYJOE: Shake It EP (2014)

Shake It EP JiggyjoeJiggyJoe reprises the sort of ‘ghetto latin’ that formed the backbone of Skeewiff‘s rather good Ghetto Latin & Broken Ballroom LP from the autumn with co-production from – well – Mr Skeewiff himself. And what do you know – it’s a sound that continues to please. Then Ursula 1000‘s on a remix tip inna 80s Bronx electro stylee which has the bizarre effect of making Claire G

GHETTO FUNK presents: TONIC feat. RAYNA ‘The Pump’ (GFD07) (2013)

Not enough ghetto funk in your life? That’s all set to change this week as the (now Bristol-based) Ghetto Funk label drops The Pump (courtesy of Perth’s Tonic) thus administering the very – er – tonic you need. And it’s a bit of a ‘pump n grinder,’ in fact as relentless synths battle bumpin breaks and – hello – who’s this? Why, it’s Rayna everybody (a.k.a. MC Rayna a.k.a. Rayna Zara) one

CHART – July 2013

(NEW) 1. Sammy Senior feat. Rayna – Don’t Touch My Heart (original mix)

Remixes aplenty but the swing-hop original is still the don