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RENEGADES OF JAZZ: Soul Boogie/ L.O.V.E. 1000 (2014)

Soul Boogie Renegades Of JazzKeen readers of MB will know that Renegades Of Jazz has been dropping 45s like they’re hot recently. Apparently it’s all stuff he had waiting around that nobody else wanted to release so he set up a new imprint, Rawkingcuts, to release them. What? Who didn’t want to release these two? B-boy breaks informed by groovy soul jazz (Soul Boogie) and b-boy breaks informed by sixties

RENEGADES OF JAZZ: Assignment B-Boy (2014)

Assignment B-Boy Renegades Of JazzYour mission David (should you choose to accept it) is to create a brace of b-boy friendly breaks out of big band horn riffs and the sort of library music that might accompany sixties and seventies car chases. What do you mean ‘that’ll be a piece of piss’? Oh I see, well, yes, your record does appear to indicate that you have some experience in this sort of thing

RENEGADES OF JAZZ: Rock To The Rhythm (2014)

Rock To The Rhythm Renegades Of JazzRenegades Of Jazz‘s last single Break This Chain broke a stylistic chain of releases of his ‘northern jazz’ style with something more akin to a hybrid of his Mash & Munkee project and good old-fashioned sampled breaks a la The Wiseguys’ second LP The Antidote. Tellingly, that was released on new label Rawkingcuts rather than his Hiperbole imprint or Wass. Here’s another effort very much in the same