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RAMSKANK: Ghetta BigBeat (2013) All proceeds to Cancer Research UK

Reports of big beat bad boy Ramskank‘s exit from the world of production in the last year appear to have been greatly exaggerated for here he is with a 12 track album – Ghetta BigBeat. What can have prompted him to give up the comforts of his Heffner-like luxury Florida retirement condo though? Well, actually he does a lot of work for charity (though he doesn’t like to talk about it) and

DUSTY TONEZ: My Way Or The Highway EP (2013)

Two slabs of punchy synth-powered big beat-style breaks for you here on Dusty Tonez‘ debut release on RamSkank‘s label RamSkank Records – plus a remix apiece from Rory Hoy and RamSkank himself. The title track will be of particular interest to those with a guilty secret love of Yank nu-metal adorned as it is with part of a well-known Red Hot Pipe And Slippers riff and the hook from woeful nu