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RAM SKANK: Madcap EP (2012)

Rating: ★★★★★
Heads up folks, Ram Skank is back once more with a 5-tracker of vintage-sounding big beat – the Madcap EP. The (almost) title cut Madcap Diggin’ starts off in a doomy Prodigy/ Diesel Power manner before switching to upbeat party breaks, Break Up is like classic early Chemicals, and Bonus Breakathon Beats does what it says on the tin. Naturally if

RORY HOY – Bounce Rock/ Everybody Wants To Be A DJ (2012)

I think Pulpfusion might have started something with his Wrong World foray into ‘ghetto metal.’ Here’s the burgeoning scene’s latest progeny in the shape of Rory Hoy‘s forthcoming release on the Bulabeats label. That’ll be Bounce Rock then which does what it says on the tin. I got out of breath just listening to it. And then I heard Saxon Scoundrels‘ heavier remix and had to go and have a cup of tea and a lie-down. The sentiment of

PULPFUSION: Wrong World Remixed Vol. 2 (2012)

News of Pulpfusion’s Wrong World Remixed Vol 2 arrived at just the wrong time two weeks ago dropping on to monkey’s virtual doormat hours before the annual monkey summer holiday. Still, to redress matters here we are now in a brief examination of what happened when the Swiss beat assassin bravely handed over the keys of his Wrong World LP for the second time this year to a

RAM SKANK: Superstylin’ (2012)

Sarf Londoner and sometime BigM artist Ram Skank returns in June on the splendidly named Pig Balls Records label with the eight-track Superstylin’. On this he continues his mission to bring back big beat – in a way that’ll keep the ghetto funk posse happy. Tempos range from about 100 to 130+ bpms and you get everything from club floor bangers to the more laid back

DJ AXE vs. STEREO BEATZ: Funk N’ Breaks (BigMD038) (2012)

BigM regular Stereo Beatz has brought along his mate DJ Axe this time for Funk N’ Breaks or more accurately ‘ghetto funk n breaks’. Not that I’m complaining you understand – as the synths on this rock a funky ice cream van vibe that I haven’t heard since Jake Slazenger brought out Supaphunk about fifteen years ago. Slazenger’s was more of an armchair anthem though whereas the big breaks