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RADIO TRIP: Music Heads (Vinyl re-issue)

If you enjoyed the recent ‘first time on vinyl’ release for Radio Trip’s 2009 uptempo b-boy cut Computers Singing on 7″, you’ll be feeling like your cup runneth over with the re-release of the album from which that single came. That’ll be Radio Trip’s 2009 cut n paste sample masterpiece, Music Heads then. But why might this prompt such a joyous response given that said LP

LES DYNAMITES: Pop Oud#2 b/w No Oud (RADIO TRIP dub mix)

Oud Les Dynamites Radio TripRating: ★★★★★ There’s a massive treat for fans of funky psychedelia right here on Les Dynamites’ new vinyl 7″ Pop Oud#2, especially if you like your grooves full of eastern promise. The track foregrounds the instrument of the title over an uptempo funky drum break and a parping bassline resulting in something that brings things get about as close as they can get to psych-funky

RADIO TRIP: Computers Singing (Vinyl 7″)

RADIO TRIP: Computers Singing (Vinyl 7It’s all about that ‘same basic sound; same basic pattern’ here with Jalapeno Records doing the decent thing and giving a ‘first time on 45 single’ release to Computers Singing by Radio Trip (a.k.a. The Apples’ Mixmonster and Schoolmaster) off their late noughties Music Heads LP. If you remember the track (and if you’ve previously heard it, you definitely won’t have forgotten it