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DOC TMK feat. FAE SIMON: You Are Me (Video)(2017)

DOC TMK feat. FAE SIMON:  You Are MeAnother Doc TMK single in the run-up to forthcoming LP Jus Do It, and this time it’s Anglo-French hookup, You Are Me, featuring BBE-signed vocalist Fae Simon. The track finds TMK combining heavyweight cinematic boom-bap with Simon’s jazzy rnb vox in an exhortation for audiences everywhere to find their inner strength and unleash their creative potential. Which explains

EKLIPS: ‘I Want You’ video (2017)

EKLIPS:  'I Want You' videoYou may recall back in December hearing news that French beatboxer Eklips had an album, Lips, coming out this spring on Radio Krimi. And you may recall that the news was heralded by the EP B4Lips which despite having all the presence of a multi-track vocal and instrumental recording, was in fact the product of Eklips’ vocal chords alone. Marvel once more then man’s talents as the first

EKLIPS: #B4Lips (2016) Free download

b4lips-eklipsFrench human beatboxer Eklips aims to put all rivals in the shade with his forthcoming LP Lips. Before that though – here’s a three-track taster indicating precisely what the man is capable of. Entitled, sensibly enough, B4Lips, inspiration comes from Michael Jackson’s Thriller on opener Move Your Lips, Stanley Clarke’s Black On Black Crime from the Boyz N The Hood soundtrack and

ANDY COOPER feat. DOC TMK: Yalla, Yalla (2016) Exclusive first listen!

Yalla Yalla Andy Cooper Doc TMKRating: ★★★★★ Yalla, yalla? Andy Cooper speaking Arabic? Oh come on. No! That’s what ‘yalla’ means! ‘Come on’/ ‘let’s go’. Indeed plug it in, turn it on, turn it up, but whatever you do come on – for this eastern-themed 45 from the UD emcee is all set to rock the casbah this spring. Yalla Yalla continues the travel-vibe that informed last UD LP Moving At Breakneck Speed only this