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RACKABEAT & BAR-LOW: Step Out/ Air Tight (2014)

Hey everybody, let’s pull the lever on the Riddim Fruit machine and see what turns up for the start of 2014. Here we go – all the reels are spinning – hey – hold on a second – looks like someone’s been having a tinker with the workings – only two tracks have turned up instead of the normal four! There’s a punchy, paranoid bass-heavy bunch of cherries augmented with a little bit of Biggie 101 called Step

THE ALLERGIES: The Pick Up Line (2012) Free download + video

Rating: ★★★★★
Some blogs relentlessly patrol soundcloud posting up dope shit the instant it comes out right at the bleeding edge of cool like some kind of internet special forces squad. Others’ approach posting like a man after a three day vodka binge – fumbling around all bleary-eyed, scratching facial stubble while stumbling over underpants which they might

THE ALLERGIES: Pete Rock & CL Smooth ‘T.R.O.Y.’ (The Allergies revisit) (2012) Free download

The Allergies is the new dj/ production project from Bristol DJs Moneyshot and Rackabeat and they’re on a mission to, “bring that vintage sound of sampled funk, psych, hip-hop and rock back to the forefront of club music…[and]…breathe new life into the finest dusty old records.” They must have been reminisicing over how it was back in the day or something. Coincidentally, by way of promoting

RACKABEAT & BAR-LOW: The Rack & Low Show podcast (2011) + ‘Get Down’ video

This is only the third podcast inside a month that I’m posting about since I said I didn’t normally post about podcasts – which all goes to show how much of a handle I’ve got on what I do. Anyway, here we are and here’s Rack & Low a.k.a. Rackabeat and Bar-Low, a pair of dj/producers from Bristol whose boom-track Get Down (see video below) is out now on the Riddim Fruit label – see player below. If that’s not enough R n L