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QUASAMODO feat. THALIAH: My Friend Is Blue (2014) + The Big Picture LP

My Friend Is Blue Quasamodo Thaliah“My friend is blue!” sings Thaliah on the new Quasamodo single of the same name. It’s probably safe to assume that said friend is neither a smurf nor an alien so I guessing they’re feeling a bit moody. Certainly the the smokey atmospherics (both musical and lyrical) of this latest Q-funk groove would suggest the latter. It’s all bluesy/ jazzy piano, noirish strings somewhere in the

QUASAMODO & THE Q ORCHESTRA: Hard To Be A Superman (2014)

Hard To Be A Superman QuasamodoIt’s hard to be a superman but not, increasingly it seems, (and particularly this year) for producers to do their own vocals. Already in 2014 we’ve had Lack Of Afro, Ewan Hoozami and Timothy Wisdom (already something of an emcee) singing on their own shit and now it’s the turn of Quasamodo. He’s not singing though. Oh no. Man has a crack at

SMOKEY BANDITS: Debut (2013) + ‘Cape Juby’ free download

Smokey Bandits debut – er – Debut was big in Greece when it first came out. And yet this thirteen-track collection of original instrumentals created by Basement Freaks‘ George Fotiadis, his homie Quasamodo and ragtag band of rebel musicians (no doubt unshaven types, with a glint in their eyes and bandoliers criss-crossing their chests) slipped under the radar elsewhere

QUASAMODO: Can’t Hold Me Down EP (2013) + ‘Son Of Shaft’ free download

Quasamodo‘s Can’t Hold Me Down EP is out next month and finds him delivering four flavours of original funk. The title track features vocalist Thaliah and is the sort of thing technically known in the trade as latin-jazzy old bollocks. I wouldn’t want our man to get the hump about that or anything, so let’s quickly add that Change Is Strange rates rather more highly on the monkey’s groove-o-

MONKEYBOXING.COM top ten tracks 2010

(Monkeyboxing top ten albums 2010 HERE)A huge hip-hop tune from Aldo Vanucci, Featurecast and Tha ‘Liks, some big funk bangers from the likes of Funkshone and the Bamboos but it’s definitely been a reggae kind of year. Here’s some you should have got your hands on in 2010…

QUASAMODO: Bollywood Man EP feat. MC Coppa – 2010 – EP review

Rating: ★★★★★

The funky breaks scene has been getting so cheesy recently you could serve it up on crackers at the end of a dinner party – so it’s Quasamodo and MC Coppa to the rescue with a little help from Basement Freaks’ new label Bombastic Jam with the Bollywood Man EP. Despite Coppa’s claiming “I’m a Bollywood man with Bollywood plans/ Got Bollywood fans who do the weird dancing with their hands” the EP, perhaps unexpectedly, is not a cue for loads of bhangra-fuelled antics but an excuse to offload the biggest funky breaks banger so far this year. The wah-wah toting original mix would take the gold medal were it not topped by the Basement Freaks remix horns-fest which doesn’t so much strike you as a good track as prance around shouting “Get me – I’m the shit!’ With considerable justification. Yep it’s yet another full marks – looks like this spring is better than last for beats and rhymes. I know how my next set’s going to finish.
(Out 16 March on Bombastic Jam)

Listen to Quasamodo – The Bollywood Man EP

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MC Coppa – Myspace

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