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SKINSHAPE: Oracolo (2015)

Oracolo SkinshapeRating: ★★★★★ Skinshape (a.k.a Will Dorey of Horus Records) follows-up his self-titled debut LP of last year with an impressive end-of-year effort that falls out of the psychedelic tree and hits every single branch on the way down. Oracolo combines sixties American roadtrip psychedelia with its slightly more pastoral English sixties cousin, throws in a healthy smattering of the more organic

SIGN OF FOUR: Hammer, Anvil & Stirrup (2013)

You see? This is what happens if you refuse to listen to music made after 1969 and buy all your clothing from Atom Retro. You make an album of eleven tracks of psychedelic-jazzy-latin-library music instros that sound like incidental music accompanying the part in any sixties film where a straight character takes drugs and the track titles are things like Fruit Juice For Everyone and Sun