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FOREIGN LEGION: Night Moves (The movie) (2012)

And you thought Foreign Legion’s third LP Night Moves was just one of last year’s most underrated underground hip-hop releases. Think again sucker. Rappers Marc Stretch and Prozack Turner also made a feature film to accompany the album that has hitherto only had limited screenings. Shot in black and white, in a…er…string of comedic dialogue-based ‘cinema verite’ set pieces, the

FOREIGN LEGION: (Exclusive interview) The Official MonkeyBoxing Fireside Chat (Part 1 of 3)

West Coast hip-hop legends Foreign Legion made a stir on the international hip-hop scene with Full Time B-Boy back in 1999. With the release of much-delayed third album Night Moves imminent and (allegedly) an accompanying movie of the same name (the content of which one blushes to think about given the band’s connections with porn queen Adriana Sage), monkeyboxing.com thought it was high time to offer emcee legionnaires Marc Stretch and Prozack Turner a chance to talk

FOREIGN LEGION: ‘Night Moves’ + tracklist – 2011

Even more delayed than the Beastie Boys Hot Sauce Committee Part 2 fellow true-schoolers Foreign Legion finally release ‘difficult third’ album, Night Moves on 12 April this year.

Full-Time B-Boy was the big underground banger that broke them (in the UK at least) at the turn of the millenium

FOREIGN LEGION: ‘The Ultimate’ free download single + video + ‘Night Moves’ LP update – 2011

Still keeping it hotter than block parties in hell, it’s the imminent return of the FL! It says here that new FL single The Ultimate is a slow lane banger. If that seems a bit oxymoronic check Grandpa J’s woozy Asheru & Blue Black style horns-infused beat and you’ll get the picture. Marc Stretch and Prozack are back and – while I hesitate to announce much–delayed full-length LP Night Moves yet again, it is, allegedly, finally, due

FOREIGN LEGION – Night Moves LP update + free EP download + Prozack Turner video interview

According to the latest on FL’s label Hungerstrike Records website, the band’s new album Night Moves has been delayed again and is now slated for an early 2009 release – probably February. But don’t let that hold you back from scoring a bit of recent action from Prozack Turner and Marc Stretch in the form of The Secret Knock EP – download here. Don’t forget to leave a review y’all – it’d be rude not to. And finally…check this vid of the man who is ‘sicker than Caligula mixed with Dirk Diggler’ – the inimitable Prozack Turner.

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