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THE ALLERGIES: Promised Land (Album)

THE ALLERGIES: Promised Land (Album)Rating: ★★★★★ The Allergies finally make it to the Promised Land on their new studio LP and boy have they got every intention of taking you there as well! It’s the duo’s fifth studio LP since 2016 though they’ve maintained such a ridiculously high output of releases in that time as to render surprise at such a schedule obsolete. Let’s consider instead the mental anguish they must

THE ALLERGIES: Love Somebody/ Promised Land (Vinyl 7″)

Rating: ★★★★★ The title track to The Allergies’ forthcoming fifth studio LP Promised Land was unleashed as a digital cut in July and if, back then, you wondered ‘Why no wax?’ then, perhaps it’s because it now finds it’s way onto the B-side of the new Allergies 45 Love Somebody. As previously noted in greater detail, Promised Land is a dope gospel-ish style breakbeat number

THE ALLERGIES: Promised Land

Looks like it’s time for yet another new single from The Allergies in the run-up to their forthcoming fifth (already!) long player and this time it’s title track Promised Land. A gospel-ish style breakbeat number a la Moby’s Play LP, this drop employs a simple rugged breakbeat, plenty of electric blues fuzz guitar, and mixes up a female gospel type hook with block party shouts and