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PROFIT feat. JFB: Booking Hot (SHAKA LOVES YOU remix)(2017)

PROFIT feat. JFB:  Booking Hot (SHAKA LOVES YOU remix)Part two of tonight’s remix frenzy is the Shaka Loves You boys’ take on the final single from emcee PRofit‘s True Colours album – the JFB-featuring Booking Hot. Out go the wah-wah guitar, and electro beat of the original and in come a rather more funky break, horns and a Rhodes melody, the latter of which lends something of a pensive air to proceedings despite the undoubtedly

PROFIT feat. SEROCEE, MYSTRO & ZOE EVANGELINE: Electric Smile (2015)

Electric Smile ProfitElectric Smile, the new one from Profit (who is joined in grin-some action by Serocee, Mystro and vocalist Zoe Evangeline) might be reason to reveal the pearly whites for those who dig brit-hop (the original mix) or those who dig brit raps on skanking synth-led breaks on B-Side’s remix. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the lyrical action ironically considers a multitude of non-amusing things which

PROFIT feat. SKITZ & JAH MIRIKLE: True Colours EP (GFD14)(2014)

True Colours ProfitBit of departure for Ghetto Funk here as they usher the wobble to one side for a minute to allow Profit‘s True Colours hook-up with ‘Daddy’ Skitz through. Yes – we’re in straight-up reggae hip-hop territory. Profit takes care of the hip-hop by delivering Brit-hop bars on the mic (including opening by channeling OC’s Time’s Up) and the reggae element is taken care of by Skitz‘s reggae

SHAKA LOVES YOU feat. PROFIT: Work (2014) Free download

Profit Shaka Loves YouTop marks to the Shaka Loves You crew here who manage a feat previously only accomplished by Dj Yoda which is to make Level 42 bearable to listen to. Like Yoda they sample The Sun Goes Down (Living It Up), but whereas he made a virtue (and a hook) of a snippet from the first verse, they retain the hook. Interestingly, both jettisoned bassist Mark King’s ‘rap’ for some reason. Happily

SHAKA LOVES YOU: Spring – Summer Mixtape feat. PROFIT (2014)

Summer Mixtape Shaka ProfitGlasgow crew Shaka Loves You deliver their optimistically titled Spring – Summer Mixtape in the company of their ironically titled emcee mate PRofit. Ironic because this is a free drop y’all. Expect forty plus minutes and twenty-four tracks laced with PRofit verse and among which you’ll find liberally sprinkled (you won’t be surprised to hear) a number of Shaka edits. The country might be labouring to breathe under a