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PROFESSOR ELEMENTAL presents: NemesisAn overarching comedy steampunk narrative is the gift that keeps on giving, it seems, with the arrival of Nemesis, another long-playing instalment in the adventures of chap-hop MC Professor Elemental. But could this be the final instalment? If you’re not up to speed, the Prof. is the veteran of multiple adventures many of which have involved time-travel and fiendish


PROFESSOR ELEMENTAL & MR FRISBEE: Let's Get MessyGet messy? Don’t mind if I do! Yes, lovable neo-Victorian, future-vintage, time-travelling, master of ceremonies, Professor Elemental has donned his fighting trousers once more for a new phonographic  recording dubbed, purely coincidentally, Let’s Get Messy. Riding production shotgun in the Prof’s line-streamed steam gurney for this particular musical journey however is

PROFESSOR ELEMENTAL: Professor Elemental & His Amazing Friends Part 2

PROFESSOR ELEMENTAL: Professor Elemental & His Amazing Friends Vol. 2Back for another round of psychedelic, steam-punk hip-hop, it’s Professor Elemental with Professor Elemental & His Amazing Friends Part 2 and an extensive posse of chums a la Amazing Friends. Unlike the album-length narrative arcs of such previous works as the excellent Apequest and School Of Whimsy, Amazing Friends Vol. 2 is, like its predecessor, more a short story compilation

PROFESSOR ELEMENTAL: School Of Whimsy + ‘Good Morning’ video

PROFESSOR ELEMENTAL:  School Of WhimsyLast time the monkey hopped onto the Professor Elemental omnibus it was for his excellent Apequest album – a glorious steampunk-chap-hop-time-travel-concept adventure as the Prof. desperately tried to find beloved simian butler Geoffrey whilst battling his great-great-great-great-great-great grandson, Gideon. But how do you follow that? One can only imagine Elemental


Apequest Professor Elemental Tom CaruanaRating: ★★★★★ That most British master of ceremonies is back. I refer of course not to Mr B the so-called ‘gentleman rhymer’ (a mere charlatan, despite his many enthusiastic confederates) but to a true eccentric genius from the days of empire – Professor Elemental. Regular followers of the Professor may recall that our man was careless enough to mislay his friend