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PROF: Motel (2015) Video

Motel ProfHotel, motel, whatcha gonna do today? Well, if you’re Rhymesayers rapper Prof and you’ve just finished a month-long tour of your latest album, you make a video of your track, Motel, on which you sing the blues (rather well and not just ‘well for a rapper’) about the lonely and the dispossessed hooking up in a sleazy motel for sex. Then you make a video showing those same

PROF: Bar Breaker (2015)

Bar Breaker ProfRhymesayers‘ secret weapon and resident jester Prof returns with the video for another cut off his Liability LP. During its course he manages to dig himself out of a shallow grave, crash a mobile porn shoot, jump off a bridge, wind up in bed with three women, get chased into a kitchen by a crowd of women and generally ‘wile out.’ Oh yeah – and the whole thing was shot on a Go Pro camera mounted

PROF: Farout (2014) Official video

Farout ProfRating: ★★★★★ Rhymesayers signing Prof goes through parody and comes out the other side with the video for Farout. His skinny, white daydreaming carwash attendant’s mind goes into fantasy overdrive when a carload of bikini-clad beauties arrive – cue much ass-shaking, grinding, pouring of champagne over said asses and other soapy fantasies. I quite like it. More importantly