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ORIGINAL GRAVITY RECORDS: Ska Fever Vol. 1 (Vinyl 7″)

Ska Fever Vol. 1Rating: ★★★★★ Got the chills and shakes? Don’t worry, there’s a strong chance you’ve picked up ska fever rather than Covid what with a new variant of Original Gravity Records reggae-related output in the offing in the form of Ska Fever Vol. 1 45. This drop features four tracks supplied by no fewer than three of label owner Neil Anderson’s nom-de-plumes (at least one of which seems to


ORIGINAL GRAVITY RECORDS: 30-60-90Rating: ★★★★★ Got a new job? Original Gravity have just supplied your anthem in the form of 30-60-90 and four different versions in four different styles by four different OG artists no less. That’ll be ska outfit Prince Alphonso & The Fever, Latin boogaloo supremo Néstor Álvarez, early reggae dons the Brentford Rd Soul Rebels feat. Dennis Alcapone, and soul jazz crew Curtis Baker &

THE REGULATORS: Time Is Rocksteady Tight (Take 2) b/w Rocksteady Lockdown

The country might have been at a virtual standstill for the last couple of months but that hasn’t stopped Original Gravity Records pushing ahead with the goodness in the form of 200-copy run of a new Regulators 45 Time Is Rocksteady Tight (Take 2) b/w Rocksteady Lockdown. Well – it’s not like time is tight, is it? As the track name implies, what you’ve got is a cover version of the much-