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HOT PEAS & BUTTA: Kodoja: Terror Mountain Showdown (2012) + free preview mix download

Hot Peas & Butta specialise in making movie soundtracks to movies that don’t exist. Sound familiar? Yep – it was them behind the Big Pimp Jones ‘soundtracks.’ But where BPJ’s Jimmy Ruckus & The 5 Fingers Of Death riffed off Blaxploitation and Kung Fu flicks, Kodoja: Terror Mountain Showdown riffs off vintage Japanese monster movies in general and Godzilla in

EVIDENCE: Cats & Dogs (2011) LP details + preview mix free download + ‘Same Folks’ feat. Fashawn video

Once upon a time in hip-hop a group called Dilated Peoples worked the angles to popular underground acclaim. This would be back when record shops were so thick with manboys wearing empty Eastpak rucksacks that it almost made you want to stop buying vinyl and go home and illegally download mp3s. By the time Eastpak rucksack sales had past their peak, Dilated’s star had begun to wane and I had trouble finding a record shop