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RACKABEAT & BAR-LOW: The Rack & Low Show podcast (2011) + ‘Get Down’ video

This is only the third podcast inside a month that I’m posting about since I said I didn’t normally post about podcasts – which all goes to show how much of a handle I’ve got on what I do. Anyway, here we are and here’s Rack & Low a.k.a. Rackabeat and Bar-Low, a pair of dj/producers from Bristol whose boom-track Get Down (see video below) is out now on the Riddim Fruit label – see player below. If that’s not enough R n L

DIZRAELI & THE SMALL GODS: Monthly podcast (2011) Free download

They’re a bit folk, a bit hip-hop – hmmm – what can we call it? Putting that knotty conundrum to the side for a minute there’s just time to say that Dizraeli and his Small Gods crew (now including DJ Downlow of Itch FM) have started up a regular monthly podcast. Or ‘Godcast’ as they’re calling it. And actually, just for that shocking play on words, they deserve to be called ‘folk-hop.’ Freely downloadable, you can cop said podcasts and such

DIRTY DUBSTERS: Bodytonic podcast (2011)

I wouldn’t normally go plugging podcasts but Dirty Dubsters are trying to snap the Emerald Isle’s biggest promoters, Bodytonic, out of their house/ techno fixation. It is wrong of course to dismiss a whole genre in a sweeping generalisation, but that doesn’t change the fact that house music, at least, is shit. Yeah, all of it. Except the old stuff, obviously, before it became shit. In fact, round my way, liking house music is more or less regarded as

DANIEL MERRIWEATHER: Podcast – Episode 1

I used to think this guy’s voice was over-produced but now I’ve heard him sing live – it’s just what he sounds like – so it’s difficult to hold that against him any more. That hairstyle still needs to be addressed though…Anyway – here is Daniel Merriweather podcasting – where you get to hear him tell you all about his stuff and shit.

Daniel Merriweather – Myspace