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INNEREYEFULL: Remixed (2015)

Remixed Playground InnereyefullAfter the album of course (and not for the first time this week), the remix album. Enter Innereyefull, former dusty breaks merchant, still delivering stoner downtempo beats n breaks but now equally likely to go all dnb on your ass or funk things up enough for Craig Charles to take notice – though now via the medium of live instrumentation rather than samples. Well, mostly

INNEREYEFULL: Playground (2014)

Playground InnereyefullIt’s a very welcome return here to Andy Kent a.k.a Innereyefull, musician, dj, producer and sometime purveyor of dusty cinematic downtempo breaks. I say ‘sometime’ since the bud haze appears to have cleared somewhat for his brand spanking new Playground LP thus allowing the bpms to creep stealthily into the upper 90s to begin with, then with increasing swagger into the