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PULP FUSION: Hands Up! This Is A Bank Robbery

PULP FUSION:  Hands Up! This Is A Bank RobberyJust shy of a month old (and therefore long overdue some monkey shine) is the new long player from Swiss producer Terence Thöny a.k.a Pulp Fusion, entitled Hands Up! This Is A Robbery on which he charts a course through funky breakbeat-powered gangster movie soundtrack territory. Currently digital only, the eleven tracker starts with a liquid dnb-ish opener, ends with

PULPFUSION: Pain & Hurt (2013)

A nice bit of downtempo breakbeat soul, Pain & Hurt is one of the standouts on the just-released Modern Jazz LP from Swiss producer Pulpfusion – a man more usually known for inflicting damage with sledgehammer breakbeat assaults. Featuring a very easy-on-the-ear female vocal pitched somewhere between horny and sweetly heartbroken, this might be about the singer’s

PULPFUSION: Modern Jazz (2013)

Right then – how about some Modern Jazz. Wait – come back! I’m on about Pulpfusion‘s forthcoming LP Modern Jazz not ‘modern jazz.’ Yes – Pulpfusion – that Swiss ‘ghetto metal’ merchant who makes Junkie XL and The Prodigy sound like chamber music. Has he found a new musical direction? ‘Nu-fusion’ perhaps? A ‘ghetto funk’ On The Corner? Nothing so hideous. The title track might open with

MORRIS CHESTNUT: And Then This Happened (2013)

Oh come on Morris – don’t be coy. And then what happened? You pimped your name – yeah figured that – there was just something about the combination of surname ‘Chestnut’ and the first name ‘Morris.’ Then you wandered around several decades of black music like some sort of retro MOBO-hobo selecting samples before pimping them for the nufunk/ ghetto funk generation creating

RAM SKANK: Superstylin’ (2012)

Sarf Londoner and sometime BigM artist Ram Skank returns in June on the splendidly named Pig Balls Records label with the eight-track Superstylin’. On this he continues his mission to bring back big beat – in a way that’ll keep the ghetto funk posse happy. Tempos range from about 100 to 130+ bpms and you get everything from club floor bangers to the more laid back