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THE EXCITEMENTS: The Mojo Train (2016) + video

Mojo Train The ExcitementsRaw sixties guitar stomp and raucous female vocals? Can I hear The Mojo Train coming like an rnb hurricane? I certainly can! And you know that means that the best retro soul band in Barcelona and arguably Europe too (not to mention some claim to being one of the best on the planet) is fast approaching with a new twelve-track LP due this September. That’ll be The Excitements then

THE EXCITEMENTS: Sometimes Too Much Ain’t Enough (2013)

Rating: ★★★★★ The 2011 release of The Excitements‘ self-titled debut LP was pretty much the retro-soul equivalent of a new gang rocking up in town and telling the competition, “Get lost. We run shit here now.” And they weren’t fronting. The album delivered twelve stank covers of early-to-mid-sixties rnb, recorded analogue style and played tightly enough to have Daptone looking nervous