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VOODOOCUTS/ JAYL FUNK: Honkey Phonk 7 – Party People/’Dirty’ (2014)

Honkey Phonk 7 Voodoocuts Jayl FunkRating: ★★★★★ Now then, if you’re going to do a funk edit, best to go large. Better still, go large with a mate who is himself going large with another funk edit. And if you’re going large with a funk edit it’s probably best to pick a track where the original is either an obscure gem or a lesser known classic so that your audience aren’t all “meh, another one of that one” when they hear it. Better still

FUZZBOX INC: Party People (2011)

Fuzzbox Inc. are an outfit known for their funky breaks and according to the PR, their latest Greg Blackman-featuring single Party People stays true to their ‘unique funky style.’ When I had a listen though, it sounded like they’d gone off piste. And when I say ‘off piste’ I mean ‘away to a pill-fuelled orgy in the rough direction of the Balearic islands.’