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TRU FUNK: Party Breaks Vol. 11 (2017)

TRU FUNK: Party Breaks Vol. 11Oh hello – it’s the Tru Funk label with Party Breaks Vol. 11 in the second of today’s adventures in party breaks. And there was me thinking the label was ‘on a break’ – possibly permanently – due to being tired and emotional from too much party-breaking. Well – that and the fact that no-one has heard anything from them in over a year. Once again, reports of their demise seem to be bollocks

TRU FUNK: Party Breaks Vol. 10 (2016)

Party Breaks Vol 10 Tru FunkTru Funk’s breakbeat party mission continues on apace with recent drop –Party Breaks Vol. 10 – a slim n trim five track affair. Dutch crew Bang N Mash start the party by providing a nu-funky breaks platform for Eric B & Rakim’s I Know You Got Soul while Chudy employs Destiny’s Child for So What? – something you might call bugaboo breaks. The remaining trio are made up of Clairvo

FRESH FROM THE SEWER PRESENTS..: Captain Flatcap July 25 (2014)

Captain Flatcap Fresh From The SewerKane FM’s Fresh From The Sewer crew step out from behind the radio mic to put on a night (Fresh From The Sewer Presents…Captain Flatcap) at McCluskey’s in Kingston on 25 July. One trusts that it’s just a coincidence that the venue is called McCluskey’s because if the one in Kingston is anything like the one in Bristol all those blotchy-legged muffin-topped women and ‘roid-ripped


Rating: ★★★★★
Meet The Electric Slideshow Soundsystem a.k.a Don Rogall and Earl Zinger. Their minds are clearly awash with crazy notions that today’s discerning clubber is after a brew of jazz, sixties rnb, and latin music with big beat production and a vocalist who sounds like a cross between that bloke from Yello and Ronnie Wood. And they might just be right