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PROFESSOR ELEMENTAL: Professor Elemental & His Amazing Friends Part 2

PROFESSOR ELEMENTAL: Professor Elemental & His Amazing Friends Vol. 2Back for another round of psychedelic, steam-punk hip-hop, it’s Professor Elemental with Professor Elemental & His Amazing Friends Part 2 and an extensive posse of chums a la Amazing Friends. Unlike the album-length narrative arcs of such previous works as the excellent Apequest and School Of Whimsy, Amazing Friends Vol. 2 is, like its predecessor, more a short story compilation

DR RUBBERFUNK: My Life At 45 (Part 2) (Vinyl 7″)

DR RUBBERFUNK: My Life At 45 (Part 2) (Vinyl 7Where’s there’s a Part 1, you know there’s a Part 2 – and here it is, the second instalment of Dr Rubberfunk’s My Life At 45. You what? Yes, it’s a gag – he’s forty-five and it’s a 45 rpm slice of wax. This time the A-side is sax-y jazzstrumental Canvas Cathedral – consisting of a spacey uptempo breakbeat backdrop from Rubbers and expansive horn daubs from Ben Castle. Things

JON KENNEDY: Corporeal Remixed Part 2 (Teaser) (2014)

Corporeal Remixed Part 2 Jon KennedyMore varied downtempo-isms and instrumentalisms from the JKF camp as Jon Kennedy‘s 2013 LP Corporeal gets a second LP’s worth of tangible remixing shortly. In the meantime here’s a five-track teaser in advance of the full LP. Steve Cobby of Fila Brazilia makes the ‘chilling on the yacht’ vibe of Tonto Rides The Gain even more chilled, while Dopedemand provides an equally relaxed but

POETS OF RHYTHM vs. EDAN: Video (part 2) (2013)

Not had enough of Edan in a glossy black wig eh? I refer, of course, to his effortless cutting between Poets Of Rhythm wax whilst rhyming promo verse over the top in the apparently ‘gone viral’ Poets Of Rhythm vs. Edan video part 1. Well, now’s your chance to catch the reclusive legendary rapper/ dj/ producer looking quite a bit like Joey Ramone once more. Both videos are part of the PR campaign by

BEASTIE BOYS: Hot Sauce Committee Part 2 – Album review + Audio – 2011

It’s a couple of years late but the Beasties are finally back. Is there anyone else who’s been in the hip-hop game as long as they have who still garners this much hype on the eve of a release? To date they haven’t released a single duff hip-hop album and their last hip-hop release (2005’s To The 5 Boroughs) was a superb effort. On the other hand

FOREIGN LEGION: (EXCLUSIVE interview) The Official Monkeyboxing Fireside Chat (Part 2 of 3) – 2011

I saw a billboard advert for deodorant in Canada once. The slogan was, “So dry, people will think you are British.” It’s an epithet which could equally apply to Foreign Legion in this, the second part of a three-part interview (part 1 HERE) which monkeyboxing attempted to conduct with those ‘intangible emcees’ Prozack Turner and Marc Stretch. I say ‘attempted’ since they were continually out of their seats

GUITAR RAY: Funky Pete Pts 1 & 2 (45 re-issue) – 2011

Rating: ★★★★★
And now for some more original, funk 45 filth – finally – courtesy of those keepers of the true funk flame at Tramp Records. Funky Pete Parts 1 and 2 is the forthcoming repress of the 1967 cut by Raymond Washington a.k.a. Guitar Ray. It contains almost as much in the way soul horns as it does scratchy funk guitar

BEASTIE BOYS: Hot Sauce Committee Part 2 – Album release update + ‘Make Some Noise’ single snippet – 2011

Full Hot Sauce Committee Part 2 review and audio HERE.
I slept on this a bit just to make sure the ‘Rolling Stones’ of rap weren’t pulling another fast one on release dates and album names but it does seem fairly certain that the next proper Beastie Boys hip-hop album drops on 3 May this year – due in no small part to the recovery of MCA from throat cancer. Just to clarify, the album is entitled Hot Sauce Committee Part 2

RAEKWON: Video interview with The Hip-Hop Chronicle Pt.2

In which the Chef concludes his natter with the Hip Hop Chronicle and waxes lyrical about both respect and (it’s lack) in hip-hop, pays homage to the Wu Tang, discusses RZA and Dr Dre’s involvement with the new LP and explores why Marley Marl is ‘vintage Wu’…
Watch RAEKWON: Video interview with The Hip-Hop Chronicle Pt.1 HERE

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