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THE SCARLET PIMPERNEL: The Man Who Ate Green 90s Rap Remixes Part 1 (2014) Ltd. free download

The Man Who Ate Green Part 1 Scarlet PimpernelThe original Scarlet Pimpernel liberated French toffs from death by guillotine and delivered them to a new home in the UK. Here, Manchester producer The Scarlet Pimpernel liberates ‘pellas by Da Bush Babees, Tribe and Jamal from their original beats in order to deliver them to a new home on his own music which he describes as “Heavy Rhyme Experience meets Quantic, on a laid back

GUITAR RAY: Funky Pete Pts 1 & 2 (45 re-issue) – 2011

Rating: ★★★★★
And now for some more original, funk 45 filth – finally – courtesy of those keepers of the true funk flame at Tramp Records. Funky Pete Parts 1 and 2 is the forthcoming repress of the 1967 cut by Raymond Washington a.k.a. Guitar Ray. It contains almost as much in the way soul horns as it does scratchy funk guitar

BEASTIE BOYS: Hot Sauce Committee Part 2 – Album release update + ‘Make Some Noise’ single snippet – 2011

Full Hot Sauce Committee Part 2 review and audio HERE.
I slept on this a bit just to make sure the ‘Rolling Stones’ of rap weren’t pulling another fast one on release dates and album names but it does seem fairly certain that the next proper Beastie Boys hip-hop album drops on 3 May this year – due in no small part to the recovery of MCA from throat cancer. Just to clarify, the album is entitled Hot Sauce Committee Part 2

RAEKWON: Video interview with The Hip-Hop Chronicle Pt.1

The Chef holds forth on such diverse topics as what’s cooking with regard to him and Hollywood, the importance of lyrics, the ingredients of being a dope MC, and the peoples and albums that folks ought to be schooled in to learn more about hip-hop…
Watch RAEKWON: Video interview with The Hip-Hop Chronicle Pt.2 HERE

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