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PARRIS & VANUCCI: ‘Disco Of Love’ (The Loveboot Edit) – Free download

By way of a postscript to last week’s post about Parris & Vanucci’s forthcoming lady killer, nufunk/ disco-monster Disco Of Love EP (full details here), I feel duty bound to inform you that the boys have done a cheeky rerub of their own title track as an EP taster. Should keep you going until December when the main the course is served – cop it after the jump…

PARRIS & VANUCCI: Disco Of Love EP – 2010

Disco breaks? Smooth rap vocals? Synth bass? Big horns? I think it’s safe to say that wherever you are and whatever time it is, it’s going to be ladies’ night when any cut from this comes on and never more so than on the very large title track. Not that I’m complaining about such a shameless attempt to boost the numbers of females on the dancefloor you understand – but what to call such a project?