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MR BENN & PARLY B: Session Cork EP

MR BENN & PARLY B:  Session Cork EPWhile the monkey might be tardy in posting about this, rest assured the ever canny Mr Benn popped out his new Session Cork EP collab. with Parly B in time for the Notting Hill Carnival. As anyone familiar with the Bristolian producer and Doncaster toaster will expect, the dancefloor vibes are fully dancehall ready. Gwarn Go Bathe and Heat Up are

RUCKUS FX feat. PARLY B: Build Up De Vibes

RUCKUS FX feat. PARLY B: Build Up De VibesNow then – what’s happening this Saturday in Bristol that’s fifty years old and hasn’t happened since 2014? That’s right – St Paul’s Carnival! Would anyone like to provide something suitably bashment for the occasion? Step forward Ruckus B a.k.a Dirty Dubster Jay Sharp with Parly B on hand to provide vocal support on Build Up De Vibes. Cue heavy uptempo dub with a chopped-up Amen

ORIGIN ONE feat. PARLY B: Mi Bredrin (2016)

Mi Bredrin Origin One Parly BRating: ★★★★★ New to the Nice Up! label, Origin One bring dancehall MC Parly B and earth-shaking bass and sweet melodies along for skankin’ debut single Mi Bredrin as Parly B advises the yout’ everywhere to stop all that shooting and looting. After all, if you’re fighting amongst yourselves you won’t have time to hold your crooked government to account will you? Actually I’m not sure if he

RED EYE HI-FI feat. FOX & PARLY B: No Rest (2014)

No Rest Red Eye Hi FiFor all I know, Red Eye Hi Fi are kitty-petting vegans but if they were proper bad men I could describe their new digi-reggae bass rumbler, without any contrivance at all, as No Rest from the wicked. The fact that guest vocalist Fox is named after an animal traditionally associated with trickery only encourages such whimsy. Not that there’s anything lyrically whimsical about this as

DANNY T feat. PARLY B: Dreader Than Dread (2013)

Not to be confused with Honey Boy Martin’s rocksteady track of the same name, nor even with L’Entourloop’s track (also of the same name) this is Danny T‘s Dreader Than Dread with Parly B on the mic. There’s not much that has said ‘a night at Cosie’s in Bristol’ more than this in 2013 so there’s some irony to be found in the fact that Danny T is from Leeds and Parly B from Doncaster. A veritable

GARDNA feat. PARLY B (prod. DR MEAKER): Big Bad Sound (2013) + video

The latest release on Dirty Dubsters‘ Irish Moss label is the big bad sound of southwestern bass-city, Bristol, UK, teaming up with…er – Doncaster. While Bristol has a globally recognised association with bass music, Doncaster has brought the world a bit of horse-racing and Jeremy fucking Clarkson. Not that Bristol MC Gardna is holding that against Donny MC Parly B – clearly, since he invited him