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DIZZY DUSTIN & PANDAMONIUM (feat. forty MCs): The Drop Cypher (Free download))

DIZZY DUSTIN & PANDAMONIUM (feat. 40 MCs): Drop Cypher It is true historically, that at times, MB post titles have verged on the lengthy – it’s one of the perils of adhering to a format – but the monkey draws the line at mentioning all forty emcees featured on the Drop Cypher besides Ugly Duckling rapper Dizzy Dustin.  For where Dizzy’s esrtwhile colleague Andy Cooper has made a name for himself dropping as many syllables as he can in


Amid the regular flurry of Allergies releases featuring Andy Cooper as well as AC’s multifarious solo drops, you might wonder occasionally what’s happened to the other half of Ugly Duckling’s mic manipulation team, Dizzy Dustin. While not as omnipresent as his erstwhile comrade-in-bars, our Mr McFarland has been known to surface every so often with a new project and the arrival of single