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MO’ MATIC feat. OXYGEN: Sureshot (2016)

Sureshot Mo Matic OxygenRating: ★★★★★ As appropriately named as the Beastie Boys track with which it shares a title, this new one from Channel Islands producer Mo’ Matic and Soundsci rapper Oxygen from NYC is a certified banger. The original mix is rumbling, heavyweight, reggae-hiphop that does what it says on the tin while top-notch remixing is in evidence. The Allergies and Soundmakers are on

WHIRLWIND D: Other Side (2016)

Other Side Whirlwind DVeteran emcee Whirlwind D has recently dropped his ten-track Other Side LP (his second solo long-player) which features guest appearances from Project Cee, Specifik, Heavy Links, Illinspired, Dookie Squad and Soundsci’s Oxygen. He’s even managed to coax former Numskullz mic manipulator Rola to knock out a few bars. Production comes from Specifik (again), Phil Wilks

MAC MCRAW, AUDESSY & OXYGEN: B-Boy Bionics b/w Dust (2014)

B Boy Bionics Mac McRawRating: ★★★★★ Now then – who in the contemporary world of underground boom-bap hip-hop could possibly meet the challenge recently laid down by Danny Spice with his Live At The Throwdown EP effort? You’d be hard pressed to find any-…oh. Hang on. What’s this? Mac Mcraw‘s B-Boy Bionics 12″? The same obsession with sampled beats, the same ethos of production

EDAN: UK Tour April 4th – 12th (2013)

The Humble Magnificent, Edan, appears in the UK this month for a rare and brief tour starting this week. It’ll be a dj set and (on two dates) a live PA and he’ll be accompanied by Oxygen who recently featured on MB with his Freqnik & WDRE-produced single. Boston rapper/ producer Edan set the world alight in the early 2000s with two psychedelic, cut-and-paste, ‘underground’ hiphop

OXYGEN feat. DR BECKETT & EMSKEE prod. FREQNIK & WDRE: ‘The Process/ Guillotine 16s’ 7 inch(2013)

Love the smell of NY boom-bap in the morning? Breathe deep – here’s some Oxygen. Well, strictly speaking, Oxygen of Sputnik Brown, Emskee of The Good People, Washington DC emcee Dr Beckett and rising production team Freqnik & WDRE. Probably a bit much for one lungful but the jazz sample stylings of A Side The Process are the sort of thing to play while you’re inhaling. I prefer

DANNY SPICE: The King Amongst Thieves EP (2012)

Rating: ★★★★★
You might have heard that vinyl’s dead and nobody samples off old records any more but evidence continues to flood in to the contrary. Here’s UK producer Danny Spice with the latest proof that the heavyweight funk can never be faded – as Funkdoobiest once put it. Ten-tracker The King Amongst Thieves EP is the full release off which