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ADAM GIBBONS: The Last Bastion (OST)

ADAM GIBBONS: The Last BastionIf your appetite for funky and monster guitar fuzz-fuelled soundtrack flavoured breaks and beats was whetted by Adam ‘Lack Of Afro’ Gibbons two six-track EPs, Manhunt and Here We Go, earlier in the year then you’ll be stoked to hear that the full twenty-two track album, The Last Bastion, from which the music on both EPs was drawn is now out. Inspired by the likes of John Barry and David


If you’ve been scouring the interweb for when the next instalment of Adam ‘Lack Of Afro’ Gibbons’ soundtrack-to-a-film-that-doesn’t-exist, your target is in the open – for the Manhunt EP is out now.  It follows The Here We Go EP and constitutes the second part of what will be the Last Bastion LP when it drops on red vinyl in the summer. Those who caught the first one will be