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GIANNI ODDI: Dreamin’/ Geronimo (Vinyl 12″)

GIANNI ODDI: Dreamin'/ GeronimoFancy a bit of sleazy 70s soundtrack funk? Of course you do – so say hello to this Four Flies Records 12″ which cherry picks two of Gianni Oddi’s sleaziest for this 12″ release. Side A is Dreamin’ which was the closer on Oddi’s 1974 LP, 3. It opens with a splendidly relaxed drum break that is subsequently joined by lazy squelches of wah-wah guitar, warm bass, synth and


GIULIANO SORGINI:  Zoo Folle As the release of Giuliano Sorgini 45 Mad Town/ Ultima Caccia (note to self – spell that B-side correctly this time!) indicated back in January this year, a full release of Sorgini’s Zoo Folle OST is something to get very excited about. This isn’t the first time the LP has been released on wax but this double album version contains both the originally released soundtrack on the first two sides along

SURPRISE CHEF: Suburban Breeze

SURPRISE CHEF:  Suburban BreezeOk, so maybe the monkey was a bit slow on the uptake with previous Surprise Chef single Money Music, but there’s a lot less slacking with the new one since here’s a post about Suburban Breeze, which hove into view just as the bank holiday weekend began to kick off. On this one the band rock the bells in the mellowest manner possible with additional flute theatrics and a soporific drum

ADAM GIBBONS: The Last Bastion (OST)

ADAM GIBBONS: The Last BastionIf your appetite for funky and monster guitar fuzz-fuelled soundtrack flavoured breaks and beats was whetted by Adam ‘Lack Of Afro’ Gibbons two six-track EPs, Manhunt and Here We Go, earlier in the year then you’ll be stoked to hear that the full twenty-two track album, The Last Bastion, from which the music on both EPs was drawn is now out. Inspired by the likes of John Barry and David


If you’ve been scouring the interweb for when the next instalment of Adam ‘Lack Of Afro’ Gibbons’ soundtrack-to-a-film-that-doesn’t-exist, your target is in the open – for the Manhunt EP is out now.  It follows The Here We Go EP and constitutes the second part of what will be the Last Bastion LP when it drops on red vinyl in the summer. Those who caught the first one will be