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DOOM: Operation Doomsday Seven Inch Collection Boxset (2017)

DOOM:  Operation Doomsday - The 7 Inch Collection Boxset (2017)We’re DOOM-ed! Say that out loud and people will either think Trump’s pressed the button or repeat the words back to you in a dodgy Scottish accent while raising their eyebrows and showing the whites of their eyes. In print though, it’s quite obvious that a reference is being made to something Daniel Dumile-related. And that something is an Operation Doomsday seven inch boxset in which all the tracks that

MF DOOM: Operation Doomsday (2016)

operation-doomsday-mf-doomIt’s fair to say that he-of-a-million-names, i.e. the man currently known as DOOM and variously known as Zev Love X of KMD, Viktor Vaughn, Metal Face Doom and King Geedorah (among others) is rather influential in hip-hop – a mythic figure even. It’s also fair to say that Operation Doomsday (i.e. the first album the man dropped following the sad end of KMD, the mid-nineties