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OLD FLAME: Reignite “The Surefire Collection” (2017)

OLD FLAME:  Reignite Old Flame is up to new tricks with a new mini-album/ EP thingy, eight cuts deep – Reignite “The Surefire Collection.” Well, I say ‘new tricks’; new ‘tracks’ is more accurate for while the material is new, the vibe is is that of reliably old school electro breaks. Cue much in the way of pumping 808s, acid squelches and relentless drums then. Opener, Pasty Suspect, is a highlight pitching, as it

OLD FLAME feat. RORY HOY: So Daft (2016)

so-daft-old-flame-rory-hoyHeavyweight big beat breaks in 2016? So daft – kind of like an old flame trying it on again. Actually, that can be quite a lot of fun can’t it? A bit like Old Flame‘s new musical adventure So Daft on which he’s brought a mate who also has a penchant for big beat – Rory Hoy. Blimey, it’ll be an aural threesome – you, Old Flame and Rory Hoy! Talkin’ of bringing up the past, the loop on

OLD FLAME: Deep Fried EP (2014)

Deep Fried EP - Old FlameStateside producer Old Flame fires up the electro big beat breaks generator in a manner that has rarely been seen since the glory days of Monkey Mafia and Hard Hop Heathen for the Deep Fried EP. Four cuts full of heavyweight 808 action and more bleeps, squeaks, static and the occasional soundbite than mass droid murder at a TV store during an electrical storm. Why, it’s pretty much like hearing