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OHIO PLAYERS: Fire (CHICKY BOOM remix) (2015) Free download

Fire Ohio Players Chicky BoomJalapeno signing Chicky Boom aims to get things hot under the collar with this new freebie. It’s a remix of an Ohio Players number – specifically the band’s ‘other’ signature track which is also the title cut off their 1974 Fire LP. Here, Fire is given a bpm boost and taken to deep disco paradise on a four-to-the-floor (love) rollercoaster ride. Happily, this ‘rollercoaster ride’ will neither

QDUP vs. OHIO PLAYERS feat. APHLETIK: Love Rollercoaster Rap (2014) Free download

Rollercoaster Of Love Rap Qdup AphletikBlimey! This week is becoming something of a mini ‘free’-son to be jolly all on its own isn’t it? Here’s Fort Knox Recordings signing Qdup spreading good cheer with his beats n bass reflip of classic funk nugget Love Rollercoaster. The track also features raps from Aphletik and joins the dots between funk, disco and fat Miami booty bass. That’s one rollercoaster that shouldn’t make you