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GANGRENE: ‘The Last Great Disgrace’ video (2015)

The Last Great Disgrace GangreneGood god! Not another Gangrene video already? Well, actually yes – this time for creepy-vocal-sample-filled instro The Last Great Disgrace. To truly appreciate the essence of disgust for LP You Disgust Me and this track in particular, Gangrene (a.k.a Alchemist and Oh No) took it upon themselves to explore the now derelict Willowbrook State School for handicapped children

GANGRENE (ALCHEMIST & OH NO) feat. HAVOC & SEAN PRICE: ‘Sheet Music’ video (2015)

Sheet Music GangreneThe latest video for a track off Gangrene long-player You Disgust Me is that for Sheet Music which serves to commemorate band collaborator and Brooklyn MC Sean Price who sadly passed away recently. The video features Alchemist and Oh No quietly sharing a suitably blunted, commemorative three plus minute silence outside a derelict building while the track unfolds and

GANGRENE (ALCHEMIST & OH NO): Reversals (2015)

Reversals GangreneMore retro garage-rock and psych-tinged beats as Alchemist & Oh No (a.k.a Gangrene) gear up for the release of their You Disgust Me LP at the end of the week. Reversals is the second track on the LP but what’s it all about? It starts (and is punctuated throughout) with vocal samples of a very pissed-off Yardie, while Alchemist and Oh No verbalise rewinding their own imagined roles in

GANGRENE feat. ACTION BRONSON: Driving Gloves (2015) Video

Driving gloves Gangrene Action BronsonI’ll be the first to admit that I may not treat a hire car quite as carefully as I treat my own. I might hammer it on the acceleration and brakes, I might not give quite so much of a shit how much sand I get in it and yes, in younger days, have been tempted to pull the odd ‘donut’ on gravel. But that’s not even foreplay compared to what Gangrene (a.k.a Alchemist and Oh No) and

INSPECTAH DECK, 7L & ESOTERIC: Czarface (2013)

It’s the return of comic-book/ gangster film-inspired backpack rap everybody! Thrill to the boom, gasp at the bap as swathes of fanboys come out of retirement and shake the moths from their Carhartts and Eastpaks. Czarface finds core Wu-Tang member Inspectah Deck team up with a pair of the Boston underground’s finest – 7L & Esoteric – for a fourteen track album-length

CHIMA ANYA feat. FRANCIS MOTT: Flexible (2012) Free download

Unlike that charlatan Dre, UK rapper Chima Anya really is a doctor. He’s also ‘flexible’ as he reveals here going in over Oh No’s instrumental The Funk beat. Not flexible in the lap-dancer sense of course, he’s on about his easy-going disposition which facilitates changes of plans, and a general ability to adapt to the capricious whims of others without breaking a sweat or, like, merking them


Rating: ★★★★★
Oh No? ‘Oh yes’ more like! This has been threatening to drop since back in the summer and I for one am grateful the wait is over. Essentially Dublin’s bass-iest, Dirty Dubsters (along with sometime collaborators – old school NY toaster Screechy Dan and dancehall chanteuse Whandah The Dainty Queen), rework elements of a rather well-known reggae classic