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THE MICROPHONE MISFITZ: Empty Ballot (2016) Official video

ot Microphone MisfitzChicago’s Microphone Misfitz vent their ire at America’s two-party electoral system with video and new track Empty Ballot. As the title suggests, they are not especially convinced that their votes make a difference and as they point out – even if they do make a difference, voting for the lesser evil of the two parties is – er – still voting for evil. Bad times. They don’t actually go the full ‘Russell

PROF: Farout (2014) Official video

Farout ProfRating: ★★★★★ Rhymesayers signing Prof goes through parody and comes out the other side with the video for Farout. His skinny, white daydreaming carwash attendant’s mind goes into fantasy overdrive when a carload of bikini-clad beauties arrive – cue much ass-shaking, grinding, pouring of champagne over said asses and other soapy fantasies. I quite like it. More importantly