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ODJBOX: Party Toad (2017)

ODJBOX:  Party Toad Look out it’s Party Toad. Don’t worry that’s neither an attempt to make Wind in The Willows sound less twee or a reference to some slimy Tory party donor but the new one from producer Odjbox whose re-work of Arthur Conley’s Funky Street MB regulars may remember. This employs a similarly funky bounce but is all-original and straight up twenty-first century bizniz. To wit, it provides

ODJBOX feat. TOO MANY Ts: Got Love (Get Yours) (2015) Free download

Got Love Get Yours Odjbox Too Many TsThe festive music silly season is mere days away but in the crazy rush to get out anything decent before everything turns to sleigh-bell-augmented shite for a month – all manner of goodies are appearing. Here’s producer Odjbox with a jaunty slice of electronic party style hip-hop and who should be gracing the beat but those jolly rhyming rascals Too Many T’s. That’ll be Got Love (Get

ODJBOX: Penguin (2015)

Penguin OdjboxPenguin is the latest leak from Odjbox‘s Oak EP – his forthcoming ‘KPM Shorts’ drop on EMI’s KPM library music subsidiary. Many will know of KPM as the source of much late sixties/ early seventies funky Hammond-driven instrumentals – however, while both instrumental and funky, Hammonds are noticeably absent. Instead Penguin begins with a flurry of horns and drums before settling into a

ARTHUR CONLEY: Funky Street (ODJBOX remix + DJ TANNER video edit)(2015) Free download

Funky Street Odjbox DJ Tanner Arthur ConleyIf you didn’t catch this remix of Arthur Conley’s ’68 funk soul hit Funky Street when it came out a month ago, now’s your second chance. This time it’s accompanied by VJ commando DJ Tanner with his second appearance on MB in less than a week with his video for said remix that subtly tweaks a late sixties TV appearance from the great man. Don’t expect any gear-crunching from Odjbox