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So Long Dudes Nynfus CorporationNynfus Corporation return and simultaneously bow out with the Bill & Ted-ishly titled 12″ wax EP So Long Dudes. Yep – from now on Kid Panel & DJ Clairvo will forge ahead with being Lack Jemmon and Vida G will blow the whole joint up all on his own. But not before they have a chance to get BC beat bandit Timothy Wisdom to drop weed-worship rhymes in conjunction with a hook

BOOTY FRUIT: Cherry Bombs Vol. 3 (2014)

Cherry Bombs Vol. 3 Booty FruitIt’s been a while since we had any hip-hop/ reggae Cherry Bombs but fear not for the (cherry) bomb bay of Booty Fruit command’s Vol. 3 will shortly be opening right above you. Nynfus Corp are on a grimy dub tip for example and the ever trusty DJ Maars is back (man) to apply to his beat an emcee who’s not a wack man but someone who eats rappers like he’s Pacman. That’ll be Das EFX then

TRU FUNK: Party Breaks: Essential Selection (2013)

In today’s internet-era, the public’s appetite for interesting ‘stuff’ is voracious and their memory of said ‘stuff’ so short that they’ve practically forgotten whatever it was they gawping/ listening/ mooing at in the second it took them to ‘swim’ from one side of the digital fishbowl to the other. Plus the amount of ‘stuff’ out there keeps increasing exponentially. In this environment, any record company that fails to market effectively is a

TRU FUNK: Nu Party Breaks Vol. 7 (2013)

“Yes mate – what can I get you?” “Six shots of party breaks booty bangers please” “Tru Funk’s Nu Party Breaks Vol. 7 do you?” “Yep – nice one – you always know what you’re getting don’t you?” Of course you do – reliably funk-related party breaks business, naturally. This release’s ‘most pornstar name’ award surely goes to Dick Diamond who works that party with some rap-on-hammond

Various: BBP Remixed (2013)

Apparently May is international ghetto funk/ nufunk/ breaks remix month for here is Badboe‘s heavyweight scene label Breakbeat Paradise with twelve of the best from the BBP library getting a rework. Perhaps unsurprisingly, among those being remixed are some of the remixers. That’ll be Tom Drummond, Jayl Funk and Badboe himself – of course – after all, what kind of man throws a party