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Long known for their respectful (not to mention classy) free download edits, Rocknrolla Soundsystem now turn up with no fewer than three respectful and classy cheeky versions of funk and soul classics on NYC label Alpaca Edits. What you get is a nearly four-to-the-floor take on the release’s title track by psychedelic funkers The Temptations, a more fluidly four-to-the-floor re-

MORLACK: Where Do U Get Ur Funk From (2011) + Free downloads

I like Morlack’s release titles. Last time he was taking it to the Zulu – this time he wants to know where we get our funk from. Er – hang on Morlack – I’ll do the questions – where do you get yours from? Your cover would suggest Betty Davis with bigger guns…what’s that, sorry – Seventies P-funk? Oh right, yeah. Tone Loc – yup, The Red Hot Chili Peppers – I see and…INXS. Really? Oh, I get you…guilty pleasures and all that eh?

WACK RECORDS 11: Smov/ DJ Kid Stretch/ Prosper/ The Breakbeat Junkie/ DJP (2011)

It’s been a while but ‘Berry Geordie’ (a.k.a. producer Smoove of Smoove & Turrell) has a new Wack Records drop waiting in the wings – and this one comes with a theme. Do you hanker for that era when funk and soul was either busy morphing into or being superseded by four-to-the-floor beats and hip-hop was barely a twinkle in Kool Herc’s eye? Are you all about ‘leisure suit’/ nylon shirt-open-to-the-waist combos?

TOTALCULT: Nice Disco EP – 2011

UK-based nu/ ghetto funker Totalcult is back in the game less than two months since his Street Sounds EP with another EP – this time channeling Studio 54 and chock full of nu-disco stylings. Disco Call is all glittery dancefloor shimmy, Nice Disco is a wide-collared, unbuttoned-to-the-chest smooch in the shadows, (which Trotter’s remix drags into the eighties with spidery synth touches) but it’s Keep On Truckin’s grittier cocaine-fuelled

MAX SEDGLEY (feat. Tasita D’Amour): ‘Superstrong’ – 2011

Mr Sedgely comes through with a big tune here, rich in nu-disco stylings, a fat synth bassline and diva vocals courtesy of Tasita D’Amour. Not really the monkey’s kind of thing, admittedly, but you’d have to be deaf not to recognise it as dancefloor catnip and the ladies’ choice. Remix duties come courtesy of Ghettofunk don Basement Freaks who emphasises the break and electronic disco heads Faze Action