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BASEMENT FREAKS: Blackened Hypno (ACDC vs. The Notorious B.I.G.)(2017) Free download

Blackened Hypno ACDC Biggie Basement FreaksRating: ★★★★★ He might like to spread his love across bass music genres all the way from moombah to reggae but you can always rely on Basement Freaks to deliver a floor-filling banger driven by a boom-bap beat every now and then. In this case – a juggernaut mash-up combining the not under-sampled Back In Black from Australia’s evergreen heavy rockers ACDC and the

ALI D: Notorious JAZZ (2015) Free download

Notorious Jazz Ali DRating: ★★★★★ Biggie is hardly the rarest rapper (dead or otherwise) to turn up on cheeky beats (whether single mashups or whole LPs) and yet UK-based sample-fiend producer Ali D has put no fewer than ten of Mr Smalls’ ‘pellas together for the surprisingly fresh Notorious JAZZ. Bet you can’t guess which genre he plundered for his beats. We’re talking what has variously

NOTORIOUS B.I.G. & MERCY SLUTS: Hypnotize $600 (Steely Chan’s Blender Mash )(2013) Free download

Toronto’s Steely Chan are back at it again on their occasional (but always tight) funky hip-hop mission – this time grafting Biggie’s late 90’s brag-rap Hypnotize to raw funk instro $600 from Mercy Sluts a.k.a Poets Of Rhythm. Not that Biggie’s original itself was unfunky, (sampling as it did Herb Alpert’s 1979 mellow disco-funk hit Rise) but it was more of an ass-dropper than a full-on slab of b-boy

NOTORIOUS B.I.G: Juicy (el Gigante remix) (Dead Pop Stars Society Edit) (2013) Free download + video

He’s blowin up again but not like you thought he would. Yes, it’s Biggie, it’s Juicy, it’s…why it’s Mambo No. 5! Or at least the Gaff’s Perez Prado edit. The El Gigante remix is all down to demented musical surgeon MF Rex who’s sewn the two together into some kind of musical ‘centipede’. It’s a special dj edit of a track on Rex’s Dead Pop Stars Society collaboration with Salvador G on which

STEELY CHAN: Biggie Smalls vs. The Soul Snatchers ‘Juicy Sniffin’ (Steely Chan’s Blender Mash)(2012) Free download

Rating: ★★★★★
The best of the recent tracks in their endless output of hip-hop mashups, Juicy Sniffin finds Steely Chan depositing lyrical don Biggie Smalls on top of neo-funky-soul outfit the Soul Snatchers. Musically that is – not actually since a) Biggie was notoriously (see what I did there?) a fat bastard and there’s no way you’d be playing anything

Ghetto Funk presents: B-SIDE (2011)

The latest in the Ghetto Funk label’s ‘Artist Series’ and this time it’s the turn of B-Side who’s new EP should ensure his going down in history as a terror since the ghetto funk era. Where his All The Girls EP earlier this year carried a fairly conventional payload, this has atomic capabilities – as dancefloors will find out after the minute-or-so-long build ups of both tracks on the A side

COCKNEY NUTJOB: Sicker Than Your Average (Ghetto Funk mix) (2011) – Free download

“Cockney, Cockney can’t you see? Sometimes your ways just hypnotise me?” Yes – Essex to Bournemouth transplant and Brap.fm presenter Cockney Nutjob has given Biggy’s Hypnotise a – well – a cockney nutjob here and mutates it into a sicker than your average ghetto funk wobbler. And, as if that’s not cheeky enough, our Mr Nutjob has only made the whole thing available free