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RENEGADES OF JAZZ: NeverthlessSince 2011, he’s invented the genre of ‘northern jazz’ and put out two albums’ worth of it (plus a remix LP of one of them), created an epically atmospheric Lucifer-themed concept album (plus a remix of the same), dropped an afro-beat inspired long player (and, again, a remix of the same) and now, creative powers as fertile as ever, David Hanke a.k.a Renegades Of Jazz, releases his

RENEGADES OF JAZZ: Apple Sauce (B-Boy mix) (2012) Free download

“Want apple sauce on that mate?” The answer’s yes, of course, when ‘that’ is your decks and the apple sauce is Renegades Of Jazz‘s B-Boy mix of his very own album track Apple Sauce. Imagine some latin hip-hop heads have got hold of the spy-funk original and supercharged the percussion with some Nu-Yorican Bronx flavour and you’ll have a rough idea of where this is coming from. Once

SMOOVE: First Class (2012) + ‘Call Up To Heaven’ remix free download

Need a funk/ soul/ disco/ latin / swing remix? Who you gonna call? That’s right – Smoove. For those not in the know, the Newcastle-based Smoove is the beat-making, bongo-playing half of critically and popularly acclaimed nu-funky-soul duo Smoove & Turrell – latterly of extensive Radio 2 airplay and Hollywood film synch fame. He’s also boss of northern jazz label Wass (home of

DAYTONER: On My Own (2012)

Rating: ★★★★★
UK producer Daytoner gets his first drop on Smoove’s ‘northern jazz’ breaks label and he’s on his own. He’s not really of course – that’s all bollocks. For a start classy little breaks number On My Own features the breathy (and occasionally growly) vocals of Jane Kennaway and secondly he’s got three remixers for company. And we’re not talking just any old dial-a-remixer

VARIOUS: All Shook Up (2012)…

…or what happened when everyone and their grandmother’s pet puppy begged Renegades Of Jazz for a remix so they could get in on a bit of his b-boy breakin’ ‘northern jazz’ action. Well you would wouldn’t you? Can you imagine getting remixed by ‘conformists of jazz.’ Jesus – that’d be my worst nightmare. Well…that and being the victim of sadistic torture or something. Luckily for

CLUB TIKKA 45 VOL. 6: Renegades Of Jazz ‘Moo Juice’ (Benji Boko remix)/ Timax ‘Ramsey’s Groove’ (ROJ remix)(2011)

Dropping at almost exactly the same time as Renegades Of Jazz’s excellent Moo Juice EP, this ultra-limited Club Tikka 45 is all set to make it an ROJ end-of-the-month. Containing a Benji Boko remix of the ROJ original featuring the vocal skills of Brighton’s soul/ hip-hop crew Boycom, it also boasts a Renegades Of Jazz remix of a Timax track on the flip

RENEGADES OF JAZZ: Moo Juice EP – 2011

Stand aside fusion bores and chin-stroking poseurs, Renegades Of Jazz is back with a new single! Moo Juice is yet more gold-top goodness from David Hanke whose ability to combine jazz samples and heavyweight breakbeats without sounding all wanky/ noodly is near supernatural. Lighter on it’s feet than the music of ‘Daisy Age’ hip-hop but with just as substantial a bottom end

RENEGADES OF JAZZ: Get A Wiggle On – Release details

Renegades Of Jazz (a.k.a. breakbeat duo Mash & Munkee’s David Hanke) once again tempers his perverted love for jazz scat-singing with a connoisseur’s choice of breakbeat and uplifting b-line. So good are they in fact that, once again, I found myself overlooking what would otherwise be some frankly unforgivable ‘do-be-doing.’ Not that ‘do-be-doing’ is ever forgivable of course, but couple some crisp percussion, ‘Animal’-off-The Muppets-style drum fills with