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DOOLEY-O: Stick Yourself b/w Death Blow (Vinyl 7″)

DOOLEY-O: Stick Yourself b/w Death BlowRating: ★★★★★ Calling all emcees, unless you’re fighter or a damn good ducker, it’s time to stand aside for veteran mic master Dooley-O is back and on two monstrous beats from Bankrupt Europeans to boot. Side One is Stick Yourself – on which King Dooley invites all pretenders to, er, ‘stick themselves’ if they can’t compete with rhymes such as, “I was born with a spray can and a


MC JUICE:  UnseenOne treat that landed on the digital doormat today was news of the latest drop from Bankrupt Europeans’ Nobody Buys Records i.e. Unseen – another big-ass 45 collab. between Bankrupt Euros and the legend that is Chicago’s MC JUICE – a follow-up of sorts to last year’s Where You Go. Surely not the MC JUICE that Eminem didn’t mind losing a rap battle to at Cinncinati’s 1997 Scribble

MC JUICE: Where You Go (Prod. BANKRUPT EUROPEANS)(Vinyl 7″)

MC JUICE: Where You Go (Prod. BANKRUPT EUROPEANS)(Vinyl 7It’s time for some straight dope, all original hip-hop on this new 45 from Nobody Buys Records as mic legend MC Juice hooks up with production outfit Bankrupt Europeans on Where You Go. If you’ve caught previous Bankrupt Euros releases, you’ll know there’s little they can be taught about making beats and they school y’all 90s-classic style here with a laid-back groove that strips

RISE: The Cornerstone (prod. BANKRUPT EUROPEANS) (2013)

Rating: ★★★★★ It’s the return of the boom-bap (again) as Brooklyn emcee and former Demigodz member Rise delivers sixteen track double vinyl monster The Cornerstone. And you’ll feel like one fell on you too when your neck snaps to the super-heavyweight minimal funk beats courtesy of UK production team Bankrupt Europeans a.k.a. djs Snafu, Fraser Syme and Signor Cloy. You’ll have to