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NILES PHILIPS: Aggregation (Niles Phillips remixes) (2015)

Aggregation Niles Philips remixesWhat about an album of Niles Philips remixes? On the strength of his spanking funky electro blues rework of The Worldstylers Gimme One More last year (yes, don’t worry that’s on here), the correct answer is ‘yes please!’ And so it is that Timewarp Music drop their second big remix LP this year what with this coming, as it does, hard on the heels of The Remix Sessions Vol. 2 from label

THE WORLDSTYLERS: The Blues Boutique (2013)

Oohh – marmite release. Forthcoming drop The Blues Boutique by The Worldstylers (a.k.a Savages Y Suefo) on the Timewarp label taps into the rise and rise of electro blues and delivers two tracks each remixed a number of times. On the one hand there’s the house-influenced Put It Right There which made me want gnaw my arm off a little bit. On the other hand there’s the bumping Niles Phillips

EL BOMBA: Cop Dat Shit (2012)

Hot on the heels of Basement Freaks’ Gold Digga is another breaks/ ghetto funker that pares an old hip-hop vocal hook down to its hookiest part though in this case the artist is El Bomba and the hook invites us to “Cop Dat Shit.” That’s ‘invite’ in the Mafia sense of course since, by the time you hear the words “cop dat shit,” you’ve already been ‘copping’ a minute of throbbing buzzsaw bassquake