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BEATS & CULTURE: Tom’s Thai (DJ DSK) b/w Southern Magnolia (NICKODEMUS with MAHARAJ TRIO) (BNC 001) (Vinyl 7″)

BEATS & CULTURE:  Tom's Thai (DJ DSK) b/w Southern Magnolia (NICKODEMUS with MAHARAJ TRIO) (BNC 001) (Vinyl 7Yet more seven inch goodness before Christmas? Yep. This time the Beats & Culture Youtube channel have linked with Melting Records to launch a new series of 45s promising to cover hip-hop, breaks, dub, afrobeat and combinations thereof. The first drop is this which features UK to Asia transplant DJ DSK who spicily blends boom-bap with Thai influences and choice vocal cuts on

THE REAL LIVE SHOW (feat. SADAT X): Grind (Freqnik & WDRE remix)(2013)

Rating: ★★★★★ Ah – that’s the joint! NYC rappers The Real Live Show get former Brand Nubian Sadat X on the flex for the hook of new track Grind from the Grind EP. Nickodemus’s original beat is a faster, darker number displaying clear Eastern-influences but what you really want to be checking out is the remix from NY production crew Freqnik & WDRE. With this, our heroes rep the classic funky

NICKODEMUS feat. THE REAL LIVE SHOW: ‘Give The Drummer Some’ remixes (2013)

Rating: ★★★★★
Next time someone says, “Man, you gotta listen to this” adding earnestly (just before they press play) “…these are the breaks” – stop them. Explain that you have heard the breaks and few people since Kurtis Blow can lay as much claim to his immortal words than DJ Regal (of Wiseguys fame) with his ‘B-Boy Drum Flip’ of Nickodemus & The Real