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FRAMEWORKS & BLURUM13: The Brickbuilders EP (2012) + album teaser free download

“BluRum! BluRum! BluRum! ” “We want you to play with us Danny. For ever and ever and…” – oh wait – hang on- that was ‘Redrum’ wasn’t it? No dismembered limbs here, more loose-limbed hip-hop from what has become a time-honoured guarantee of funkiness – the US emcee/ UK producer team-up – in this case NY rapper Blurum13 and Manchester Dj/Producer

NEKO NEKO: Trouble In The Streets/ Ya Playin (2012) 12”

Rating: ★★★★★
This one from Neko Neko is all about track two. In fact it’s so much about track two I’m giving it five stars for just that track. Entitled Ya Playin, it makes inspired use of Jeru Tha Damaja’s Ya Playin’ Yaself vocal over what sounds like a slowed down slice of boogaloo funk with augmented drums and a bottom end that’s boomier than a sledgehammer on the side of a panel van