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MY NEIGHBOUR IS: I Like You Dog (2015)

I Like You Dog My Neighbour Is“I Like You Dog”.

Aww, thanks – I didn’t know you cared!

No, it’s the new mini-LP from My Neighbour Is a.k.a. the alter ego of house music producer Robot Needs Oil

House music producer!? Well – is it funky? Are

MY NEIGHBOUR IS: This Is Not A Pop Album (2014)

This Is Not A Pop Album My Neighbour IsNow then, this kind of slipped under the radar, coming as it did in the slipstream of My Neighbour Is‘s (try saying that when you’re pissed) instrumental hip-hop drop Buddha Fly back before Christmas. Turns out one instrumental hip-hop drop wasn’t enough for My Neighbour Is and he already had This Is Not A Pop Album lined up on his own label Neighbour Jam. Anyway, it was a