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NAUGHTY BY NATURE: Feel Me Flow (Maars Reggae Re-rub) (2013) Free download

Yet another effortless DJ Maars hip-hop/ reggae rerub – this time to celebrate hitting the “magic thousand mark.” Thousand what? Times he’s been fluffed by soundcloud groupies? Who can say – but here’s his reggae edit of Naughty By Nature’s Feel Me Flow anyway which takes Treach’s lyrical meanderings about beats, women and life and applies them in time-honoured fashion over a

NAUGHTY BY NATURE: ‘I Gotta Lotta’ Video

Yeah – wasn’t too sure about that Get To Know Me Better shenanigans but this new vid. for Naughty By Nature’s I Gotta Lotta is a bit more like it. Still waiting for that new LP first promised nearly half a decade ago though boys – Anthem Inc. were you going to call it? You remember! The one of which you said, “We’re going to make universal party tracks with great hooks; street anthems, social and political anthems, anthems for the ladies.” Quit stallin’ – is it going to be hip-hop hooray this year or am I going to have to get involved with OPP? Hey ho…


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