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WARREN G & NATE DOGG: Regulate (RHYTHM SCHOLAR Funk For Days Remix) Free download

WARREN G & NATE DOGG: Regulate (RHYTHM SCHOLAR Funk For Days Remix) Free downloadThought Warren G & Nate Dogg’s most famous cut had been utterly rinsed on the remix front? Think again. To celebrate a quarter century of Regulate, the one and only Rhythm Scholar has gone buck wild on the funk samples front and re-regulated things with a full clip of samples from the likes of Edwin Starr, Stevie Wonder, The Blackbyrds along with – er – ‘nu-skool breaks’ commando FreQ

WARREN G & NATE DOGG: Regulate (BRUNO BORLONE remix)(2015) Free download

Regulate Warren G Bruno BorloneWarren G and Nate Dogg’s g-funk classic Regulate lyrically describes an evening of guns, women and cars during which the duo in question relay how they have to ‘regulate’ (without, apparently, a trace of irony) those who have stolen from them over a beat which contains no fewer than four samples. Which was always going to be a red rag to bootleggers. Here Chilean beatmaker, Bruno

J STAR: Regulate Rock – Free download – 2011

Back in the day Warren G and Nate Dogg were regarded as lame-ass jiggy shit in my neck of the woods. Still, time passes and you know what? Regulate still sounds like a cheesy, over-produced rnb turd. G-funk my ass. Enter reggae remixer to the stars – J – er – Star, two years ago. MB waxed lyrical about the skill and dedication required to make Regulate actually sound classy as opposed to something that the people who originally made it thought sounded classy