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NAANVA: Rivulet EP

NAANVA:  Rivulet EPBack awhiles just over a year ago, a track by the name of Flowers Of Spring landed on the monkey’s virtual doormat from someone called Naanva. All preconceptions of this being some sort of world music project instantly dissipated as a Cotton Club-style jazzy intro quickly became imbued with the sound of b-boy drums and then it was all about how the jazzy influences alternated

NAANVA: Flowers Of Spring (2017) Free download

NAANVA:  Flowers Of SpringHe might travel by a name that sounds like a track on a Kula Shaker album but there’s no denying the sound of drums on new freebie instro Flowers Of Spring from Naanva. We open with the sort of jazziness you might have expected at Harlem’s Cotton Club back in the day before the breaks kick in with some prominent brush work and then it’s all about alternating the jazziness