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TRU FUNK: Party Breaks: Essential Selection (2013)

In today’s internet-era, the public’s appetite for interesting ‘stuff’ is voracious and their memory of said ‘stuff’ so short that they’ve practically forgotten whatever it was they gawping/ listening/ mooing at in the second it took them to ‘swim’ from one side of the digital fishbowl to the other. Plus the amount of ‘stuff’ out there keeps increasing exponentially. In this environment, any record company that fails to market effectively is a

MYNIEMO: How We Rock EP (2013)

Anyone who says party breaks isn’t drug music needs to have a look at the video to Myniemo’s The Boss which features a pair of disembodied feet and a crocodile finger puppet mugging for the camera over the NY skyline along with occasional snatches of someone who looks a bit like Skrillex playing the drums. The track itself is a booty breaks version of The Blues Brothers’ version of the Peter Gunn

DJ AXE vs. STEREO BEATZ: Funk N’ Breaks (BigMD038) (2012)

BigM regular Stereo Beatz has brought along his mate DJ Axe this time for Funk N’ Breaks or more accurately ‘ghetto funk n breaks’. Not that I’m complaining you understand – as the synths on this rock a funky ice cream van vibe that I haven’t heard since Jake Slazenger brought out Supaphunk about fifteen years ago. Slazenger’s was more of an armchair anthem though whereas the big breaks


Just in case you thought BigM had gone ‘too hip-hop’ with the recent dope of their Dee & Kamy four track EP, this dropped the other week. Despite a title which conjures images of chicks in shelltoes and fat dungarees with baseball hats on backwards Stereo Beatz & Myniemo’s Planet B Girl is actually a bit of acid-synth-fuelled big beat. Fresh Andy lightens the tone on his rework with a filtered bit of happy wah, Quincy Jointz nearly